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  • Medium Intensity Obstruction Lights
  • Type A/B/C

Medium Intensity Obstruction Light

LED type medium intensity obstruction lights are required to be installed at high rise buildings, which are more than 45 meters above the ground level. Our medium intensity light is designed to give a working life of 100,000 hours coupled with the advantages of lesser power consumption. In the unlikely event of any malfunction or problem, the unit is provided with an in-built, audio-visual alarm system to warn the maintenance team. This system also comes up with service and standby features where incase service light fails, standby shall get ON automatically with an alarm.

1. The high power, high flux solid state lamps give an exceptionally long life of more then 50,000 burning hours.
2. The System is highly energy Efficient, Which makes it very suitable for solar powered systems.
3. Efficient secondary optics is induced to generate Lens effect for Proper Light Beam
4. The Lamps are arranged in Series and Parallels with independent light strings, which eliminates total blackout, in the event of an unlikely circuit fault
5. The light housing is made from high grade Aluminium Alloy, with Protective painting.
6. The light is protected from ingress of Dust and Moisture.
7. Dusk to Dawn operation through Photo sensor.
8. Power supplies which are considered heart of the systems are imported from USA/Japan.

Technical Specs
Type : 'B' Flashing / 'C' Stationary
Color : Red
Operating voltage : 24VDC / 240VAC,50Hz
Life expectancy : 100000 hrs (ideal condition)
Ingress protection : IP 65 and above
Wattage : 96 Watts
Intensity : 2000 CD (Tolerance-25%)

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