• Hughey & Phillips LLC, USA
  • High Intensity Obstruction Lights
  • Model SS1-125/SS-122/SS-124

SS1-125 Obstruction Light

StrobeGuard SS1-125 is a single enclosure obstruction lights designed to meet or exceed the requirments of Advisory circukar 150/5345-43 or FAA Type-L863 or ICAO Type A high intensity AOL Enclosure are fabricated from Stailess Steel 304L. All plug in printed cicuit boards are protected with a coating which meets the physical and electrical requirements of MIL-I-46058B. It is supplied with lightening arrestor capable of withstanding 10KA surge Currents. Operated with SS-122 controller, system is completely self activating and identifying malfunctional light and equiped to initiate visual and audio alarm.

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